"Extreme Energy Solutions 2017 Summer Tour of Stores Under Way in Promoting Locally Owned Hardware Stores Near You

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  • Extreme Energy Solutions Representatives visit selected store locations in promoting businesses that are supplied by Orgill Distributors
  • Extreme Kleaner is the featured product

Extreme Energy Solutions Fall of 2017 Tour of Stores Now Under Way in Promoting Locally Owned Hardware Stores Near You

For Immediate Release:  September 11, 2017, Memphis, Tennessee

Source: Extreme Energy Solutions and Extreme Kleaner kick off their Fall of 2017 Tour of Stores in promoting Extreme Kleaner, and H2O Energy Flow, while driving public awareness to local consumers on the importance of supporting your local Main Street family owned independent retailer location. The Fall 2017 Tour of Stores will be making stops at locally owned hardware stores and retailers who are supplied by Orgill Distributors, which now offer Extreme Energy Solutions products.

A nationwide Fall Tour of Stores is underway in an effort to continue to create public awareness of the importance of supporting your locally owned family business. Extreme Energy Solutions recently partnered with a number of hardware stores, building centers, and retailer suppliers in bringing Extreme Kleaner and H2O Energy Flow bottled water to a selected Main Street near you.

The Extreme Energy Solutions 2017 Fall Tour of Stores is well under way with Extreme Kleaner representatives making stops in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Missouri, California, Texas, Tennessee, and North Carolina. In total, stores in over eleven states will get a personal visit from the folks at Extreme Energy Solutions; a measure of good will on behalf of the product and its parent company. Extreme Representatives bring with them product samples to give out at selected store locations and with representatives assisting in promoting locally owned store locations which now offer Extreme Kleaner and/or H2O Energy Flow.

Extreme Energy Solutions expanded its market reach with its non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, multi-purpose cleaner-degreaser Extreme Kleaner, when it partnered with Orgill Distributors. EES now offers Extreme Kleaner to locally owned independent hardware stores that source inventory from the Orgill Distribution Network, and will be available at selected stores nationwide.

Orgill Distributors approved Extreme Energy Solutions Inc., as a drop ship vendor, which allowed for Extreme to offer its products to its network of store owners, managers, and buyers. Several locally owned independent stores signed up to offer Extreme Kleaner and/or H2O Energy Flow in their store(s).

Orgill Distributors is the largest independently owned hardlines distributor providing retailers with over 75,000 product choices both domestically as well as internationally, with locations in over 60 other countries. Founded in 1847, Orgill continues to provide inventory and retail services to a host of locally owned independent hardware stores, lumber yards, building centers, and other retailers related to home service industry. Orgill calls Memphis, Tennessee home to its corporate center.

 “The Purpose of the Tour of Stores is to promote awareness to local partnered retailer’s audiences, clients, and fan base on the importance of why they need to continue to support their local family owned neighborhood merchant, which is the pillar of America’s economic driving force,” commented Barry Smith, one of Extreme Kleaner’s Representatives responsible for visiting the list of hosting stores. Smith explained, “Without small business, local jobs would not be made available to every Main Street corner.”

With thousands of miles racked up on the odometer, the Extreme Energy Solutions Sales and Promotions Team have been over the road, delivering the message of how important it is to support your local family owned business, while introducing new environmental and sustainable products that are “Made in the USA,” to be available to consumers via local partnered retailers.

Extreme has launched its marketing campaign to help promote Extreme Kleaner and H2O Energy Flow, including a series of print and media advertising, social media campaigns, motorsports marketing campaigns, and new video content highlighting the two available formulas: Extreme Kleaner Multi-Purpose Cleaner-Degreaser and Glass, Tile and More formula. You can find a store location near you, by visiting  

“We are very grateful and appreciative of the opportunities Orgill has provided for us.,” commented Samuel K. Burlum, CEO and President of Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc., the parent company of Extreme Kleaner.

“It is our intent to build our product brands as the Premium Main Street product brands in their respective category; not currently offered in larger big box retailers, thus giving an advantage to local independently owned hardware stores and retailers to offer something different that will make customers come back to the local Main Street business,” Burlum continued.

The Extreme Energy Solutions Extreme Kleaner Sales and Promotions team will be dispatched over the road nationwide, delivering the message of how important it is to support your local family owned business, while introducing new environmentally friendly and sustainable products that are “made in the USA,” to be available to consumers via local partnered retailers.

Extreme Kleaner is a non-toxic, biodegradable, cleaner-degreaser manufactured in the United States, originating from the Garden State, where it is packaged for consumers around the nation. Extreme Kleaner was first offered online, advertised and sold on Extreme Kleaner is now available in a number of selected independently owned retailer locations nationwide, including many hardware stores, auto parts stores, grocery markets, and variety stores.

A portion of every sale of Extreme Kleaner is dedicated toward assisting local and/or regional causes. Former causes which received the benefit of this initiative include Project Help, a cause aimed at helping to eradicate Veteran Homelessness; STEM Education, the performing arts, and non-profit educational forums for environmental and economic sustainability. The product’s parent company, Extreme Energy Solutions has also helped sponsor local 5k runs for many good causes.

Extreme Kleaner and/or H2O Energy Flow will now be available at these local store locations: Butcher’s Block, Lucerne, CA; Cape Electrical, Cape Girardeau, MO; Chance Building Supply, Foxboro, MA; Fleury Lumber Center, East Hampton, MA; Gilbert’s Pro Hardware, St. Claire Shores, MI; Hamtramck Hardware, Detroit, MI; Hardware Hawaii, Kailua, HI; Mark Supply Co., Houston, TX; Melrose Lumber Company, Ossining, NY; Poultry Electric & Pro Hardware, Winchester, TN; Quinn Hardware, Skowhegan, Maine; Sawmill Hardware & Supply, Hudson, NC; Garden Mart, Monroe, LA; Street Stores Hardware, Middletown, PA; Water Mill Building Supply, Water Mill, NY; and The Hardware Store, Sparta, NJ.

To find out how Extreme Kleaner can work for you, take a moment to view this video today, or go to for more free, how to cleaning tips for at home, office, or shop.