"Extreme Energy Solutions Green Cleaning Product, Extreme Kleaner now Available in Northern Virginia"

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  • Extreme Kleaner continues to partner with small business retailers in promoting green cleaning
  • Pitkins Ace Hardware becomes the first in Northern VA to offer Extreme Kleaner in VA

"Extreme Energy Solutions Green Cleaning Product, Extreme Kleaner, Now Available in Northern VA Ace Hardware Stores

For Immediate Release:  February 15, 2018; Woodbridge, VA

Source: Pitkin's Ace Hardware becomes the first small business retailer in Northern, VA, to offer green cleaning product, Extreme Kleaner, as Pitkins and Extreme Kleaner's parent company partners to promote the Premium Main Street Brand. 

Extreme Kleaner, the non-toxic, biodegradable multi-purpose cleaner degreaser is making landfall in Virginia, as the parent company, Extreme Energy Solutions, and its partnered distributor, Global Highlights LLC, has seen their collaborative efforts in promoting the green cleaner bear fruit.

Extreme Kleaner is proud to announce the newly formed partnership with Pitkins Ace Hardware, as they have teamed up with Extreme Kleaner in offering the Main Street Premium Brand, Extreme Kleaner, on the shelved of their stores, available to the local consumer markets and surrounding areas of Dale City and Manassas, Virginia.

Pitkins Ace Hardware stores pride themselves on being “nationally known, but locally owned,” as they serve the communities of Northern Virginia. Pitkins Ace Hardware has had open doors for the last 40 years. Pitkins supports many local causes including Children’s Miracle Network, Boys and Girls Scouts, Local children’s sports, police and first responders.

Pikins Ace Hardware Store locations are led by Amy Sarah Pitkins and Amy Monroe; and the business is certified as a Small, Women and Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (SWAM) by the Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprises. 

Extreme Kleaner is the new green cleaner that is quickly appearing on the shelves of selected hardware stores, local retailers, and on-line shopping platforms due to its rising market demand. Extreme Kleaner is a new non-toxic, all purpose cleaner-degreaser that is biodegradable and safe to use around children and pets. This popular new eco-friendly cleaner is offered by the green tech environmental company, Extreme Energy Solutions Inc.

And now, two Pitkins Ace Hardware Stores carry Extreme Kleaner; Pitkins Ace Hardware in Dale City, located at 4340 Dale Blvd, Dale City, VA 22193 and at 13418 Dumfries Rd, Manassas, VA 20112.

“We are honored that Pikins Ace Hardware has chosen to offer Extreme Kleaner to their local constituency. It is great to partner with local and regionally positioned; independently owned small business owners that value our model in not just promoting Extreme Kleaner, but our program to advocate for small businesses as a whole,” commented Calvin Whitney, head of Global Highlights LLC, the newly signed Extreme Kleaner distributor for Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC Metro Area.

“It is our goal to provide services, marketing support, and strategic advantages to small businesses-independently owned hardware stores, auto parts stores, grocery markets, and other specialized retailers that are located on Main Street, offering the most support in our respective product categories that best supports the partnered stores that offer our products,” added Samuel K. Burlum, CEO/President of Extreme Energy Solutions.

“We understand the effort and sacrifice that small business owners make in launching and continuing their local business enterprise. Extreme Kleaner is not just a product, it is also a marketing and promotional program that gives local businesses a product to offer to their local-regional communities that is not yet available at big box retailers,” continued Burlum.

Extreme Kleaner can be found in over 500 store locations nationwide, including selected Ace Hardware Stores. Extreme Kleaner supports cause marketing, where a portion of every product sale is dedicated to supporting causes that aid displaced and disabled Veterans, STEM education program, the arts, and other local causes.

Extreme Kleaner has been featured and seen in Natural Awakenings Magazine, Today in America with NFL Legend Terry Bradshaw, and within the automotive racing scene as Veteran Race Car Driver Tommy Vigh Jr. and ARCA Rookie Tony Mrakovich are a few of the product’s Brand Ambassadors. 

The Extreme Kleaner brand was established and launched in 2012, focusing on serving direct commercial and industrial scale clients before transferring the product to shelves of locally owned small business retailers and online. Once the parent company completed the re-branding process, allowing for Extreme Kleaner to appeal to the local consumer audience, Extreme Kleaner began its campaign in partnering with local small business owners that were in search of green consumer product offerings.

The product’s parent company, Extreme Energy Solutions, still continues and welcomes the opportunity to partner with additional small business owners and locally owned independent retailer locations which desire to bolster their consumer green product line-up to local fan base, consumers, and audiences.

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