"Extreme Kleaner Sponsored Local Racer Finishes 4th in Points Division, 2nd in Series Division"

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  • Extreme Kleaner sponsors Ron Constable and Team Froggy; leads to top season finishes
  • Extreme indiscates future racing program

Source: Extreme Energy Solutions has partnered with local stock car driver, Ron Constable, and the #49 Team Froggy Street Stock Racing Team in the promotion of the non-toxic biodegradable cleaner-degreaser known as Extreme Kleaner, and the partnership resulted in assisting Constable to the Podium.  

Middletown, New York, October 5, 2015

The final race of the regular season at the Orange County Fair Speedway located in Middletown, New York; brought about the conclusion of the 2015 Points Championships for all racing divisions. Among the season’s surprises, was fourth place finish in the street stock division made by Ron Constable, driver of the Extreme Kleaner sponsored number 49 Team Froggy stock car.

Constable, a Lafayette, NJ native, also finished 2nd in the Crane Golf Street Stock Series, putting the Extreme Kleaner sponsored stock car and driver on the Podium.

“We are proud of the sponsorship we have had this season with Ron Constable. He has become a fan favorite and has always made himself and the car available when ever one of our partnered retailers requested their appearance at one of their store locations,” contributed Samuel K. Burlum, CEO and President of Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc., the parent company that offers the Extreme Kleaner product.

“We are thankful for the support we received from Extreme Kleaner this year and we hope they would like to continue in partnering with us for the 2016 season,” added Constable.

All of the 2015 Regular Season Points Championship results for the “Hard Clay” can be reviewed at

Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. and Extreme Kleaner have begun to consider all of its options about its involvement and support as it looks to the future 2016 racing season.

“With the success of this campaign, we have other racers and retailers interested in Extreme Kleaner, and will entertain the idea of expanding our motorsports marketing efforts into the 2016 racing season,” Burlum remarked.

Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. and Constable/Team Froggy are in discussions and negotiations to extend their agreement into next season and beyond.  However, Extreme are looking to expand its market reach for its Extreme Kleaner product throughout the racing community.

Extreme Kleaner, Extreme Energy Solutions and racer Jimmy Devitt have already come to an agreement for next season. The owner/driver from Clintondale, New York, recently obtained equipment, parts, and support in exchange for advertising space on Devitt’s car, which is to also don the Extreme Kleaner colors in 2016. Devitt, a driver whom has, competes Northeast DirtCar, has driven for over 22 seasons, including wheeling go-carts, prostocks, and sportsman modifieds, plans to run a full season at the OCFS.  

Extreme Kleaner, Smart Emissions Reducer, and Extreme Energy Solutions are also in negotiations with Sportsman Driver and Orange County Fair Speedway mainstay Tommy Vigh Jr., for the possible opportunity for Vigh to be driving the Extreme Kleaner/Smart Emissions Reducer/Extreme Energy Solutions Sportsman hopefully into victory lane in 2016.

“I have known Tommy Vigh Jr. for years, and he is a great driver. We have partnered in the past to field test technology at the track in real time conditions, and with our most recent research and development projects, we see a great opportunity to have product put to the test under these unique competitive circumstances,” furthered Burlum.

“We always enjoyed racing together, no matter what, we always had fun and tried to put our best out there for the fans,” commented Tommy Vigh Jr., originally from Oak Ridge, NJ, currently calls Middletown, New York home.

Currently Extreme Kleaner is available on the shelves of selected Ace Hardware and True Value Hardware Stores, Hardware Hanks, coast to coast. More hardware stores are adding Extreme Kleaner to their product mix every week. As a part of the product’s cooperative marketing effort with retailers, race cars and their drivers whom are sponsored by Extreme Kleaner, participate in a round robin of displaying the car and signing autographs throughout the regular season at selected retailer locations whom opt into the program.

The Smart Emissions Reducer logo will be found on race vehicles which become early adopters of the technology in the racing industry.

Extreme Energy Solutions and Extreme Kleaner provide weekly updates on its social media pages. A listing of all future events, store locations where Extreme Kleaner is sold, and other news information about Extreme Energy Solutions and Extreme Kleaner can be found at, and.or

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