"Extreme Kleaner Strikes It Big with USBC Approval"

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Extreme Kleaner Strikes it Big with USBC Approval

For Immediate Release:  September 30, 2017; Roseburg, OR

Source: Extreme Energy Solutions Extreme Kleaner General All Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser becomes approved by the United States Bowling Congress, for anytime use, including during competitive USBC events, hence Extreme Energy Solutions launches new Extreme Kleaner Bowling Ball Kleaner.

The world of bowling just got a whole lot greener. Whether you’re in a local amateur league, novice, professional competitor, or bowling alley owner, there is now an alternative for bowlers who desire to trend away from harmful toxic chemicals when maintaining their sports equipment, preparing for competitions, or maintaining bowling alley facilities. Extreme Energy Solutions Extreme Kleaner General All Purpose Cleaner-Degreaser is now approved by the United States Bowling Congress for use anytime during certified USBC competition.

The United States Bowling Congress is the national governing body for bowling and a membership organization that standardizes rules, regulations, and benefits related to the sport. USBC offers a menu of competition support, league organization, team information, and facilities approved to host competitions.

Unites States Bowling Congress “Approved for Anytime Use” is the highest level of approval a product can receive from the USBC as it relates to its oversight of the bowling industry and competitive events. Extreme Kleaner launched Extreme Kleaner Bowling Ball Cleaner as a response to this trend of approvals. The product will be available in a 4-ounce spray bottle, retailing for $7.95 when it hits pro shops, bowling alleys, and product vending machines.

Extreme Kleaner has already been tested within the bowling industry. Ten Down Bowling Alley, located in Roseburg, Oregon, has tried and tested the product’s performance for over six months, providing feedback about the form and functionality of Extreme Kleaner, and how it stacks up against competing cleaners traditionally used in the industry. As a result of the testing, Ten Down switched to using Extreme Kleaner for all its facility maintenance, including lane cleaning and prepping, making Extreme Kleaner a staple item in their facilities.

Extreme Energy Solutions non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, multi-purpose cleaner-degreaser Extreme Kleaner, has made market strides, from the first days the product was only sold to commercial industrial clients, to being made available online via Amazon and Keep America, to transitioning to local retailer shelves on Main Street. Extreme Kleaner is currently in almost 450 stores nationwide, and sold online through more than a dozen places. Initially, Extreme Kleaner Bowling Ball Cleaner will be made available only through pro shops, bowling alleys and distributors as a specialty product. It will also be available for purchase direct from

“We are grateful for the approval by the United States Bowling Congress. This gives Extreme Kleaner a competitive edge in a niche market we are proud to serve,” commented Barry Smith, one of Extreme Kleaner’s representatives responsible for leading up the advancement of Extreme Kleaner in serving the sport and industry of bowling.

Bowling is now the second niche sport which Extreme Kleaner has become recognized in. Just a short two years ago, Extreme Kleaner broke into the community and sport of auto racing, quickly making a presence at local and regional venues and competitions. As a result of a fan based and community oriented marketing program, Extreme Kleaner can now be found at specially shops, performance warehouses, auto parts stores and hardware stores.

“We take a sincere interest in the success of each sport and cause we look to support, and will follow the same path as it relates to the sport of bowling. Our company is focused on advancing awareness of how Extreme Kleaner greatly benefits the bowling community. With use of this product, we lessen the environmental impact by moving away from the use of harsh chemicals,” added Samuel K. Burlum, CEO of Extreme Energy Solutions, parent company of Extreme Kleaner.

Extreme Kleaner is made in the USA. Customers and fans of Extreme Kleaner can download the Extreme Kleaner app to their phone or mobile device for both Android and Apple platforms.

As a follow up to the launch of Extreme Kleaner Bowling Ball Cleaner, Extreme Energy Solutions will be adding a line of Extreme Kleaner related products specialized to the sport of bowling. New items will include equipment prep dry reusable towels, gloves, and competition prep kits.

A portion of every sale of Extreme Kleaner is dedicated toward assisting local and/or regional causes. Former causes which received the benefit of this initiative include Project Help, a non-profit organization aimed at helping to eradicate veteran homelessness; STEM education, the performing arts, and non-profit educational forums for environmental and economic sustainability. The product’s parent company, Extreme Energy Solutions has also helped sponsor local 5k runs for many good causes.

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