"Extreme Energy Solutions, Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments Hits the Shelves of Selected Retailers”

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  • Extreme Xtra become available at shelves of selected local stores.
  • Extreme Xtra becomes the latest product added to the Main Street Premium Brand

Extreme Energy Solutions, Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments Hits the Shelves of Selected Retailers

For Immediate Release:  March 17, 2018, Paterson, New Jersey

Source: Extreme Energy Solutions Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatment Product Line, is made available at the shelf of selected independently owned partner retailer locations

Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments by Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc., is making a comeback and now is available at selected retailer locations that have partnered with the green tech to offer Extreme Xtra to local audiences. Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments were first introduced to the market in 2009; and since has been part of a rebranding effort that took place in 2017. Since Extreme Xtra’s rebranding; the automotive product has found a new home; on the shelves of selected Main Street stores.

Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments can now be found at Farmers Union Oil, of Beulah, North Dakota. Farmers Union has several other locations throughout North Dakota, and serves local farming communities. They offer fuel, vehicle and tire repair, and hardware, in addition to selected grocery items.  

Gibson’s Discount Center calls Kerrville, Texas home, and now offers Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments. Gibson’s prides itself on being an old fashioned general store, which has in stock a variety of from hardware and household to toys and hunting supplies. Gibson’s is in their 50th year in business.

Florida is home to one of the selected retailers that now offer Extreme Xtra. Windmill Sprinkler and Hardware, centered in Delray, Florida, has elected to bring Extreme Kleaner inside their store. Windmill has two other locations: Labelle and Ft. Lauderdale. With 60 years in the business, Windmill prides itself on offering products not yet found in big box retailers.

Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments can also be purchased at Street Stores Hardware, located in the center of Middletown, Pennsylvania; which is also the home to up and coming race car driver Tony Mrakovich. Street Stores also carries Extreme Kleaner and H2O Energy Flow bottled water.

Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments were originally designed to enhance pump gas and the continued issues that plague vehicle owners due to the current ethanol content in the fuel at the gas pump. Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments is a unique formula of agents that break down the covalent bonds of gasoline or diesel fuel, allowing for better combustion efficiency of the fuel.

When fuel is burned in a more efficient and complete manner, lesser parts of the unburned fuel make their way to the tailpipe. Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments also helps clean up engine deposits by loosening engine deposits of material created by ethanol. It is a very economical way to restore or get better gas mileage, lower emissions, lower vehicle maintenance, and keep the vehicle’s engine cleaner.

Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments now are offered at $14.95 for a (16) ounce bottle, for either diesel or gasoline, whereas the bottle doubles as the product applicator. Extreme Xtra Gasoline Fuel Treatments will treat up to 400 gallons of fuel. It only takes one ounce to treat twenty-five gallons of fuel, making each application’s investment only $0.94 cents (ninety-four cents) per treatment of twenty-five gallons. The gasoline formula is safe to use in cars, vans, pick-up trucks, and other vehicles powered by a gasoline powered internal combustion engine.

Extreme Xtra Diesel/Bio-Diesel Fuel Treatment is pre-packaged in a (16) ounce applicator bottle, and will treat up to 160 gallons of diesel or bio-diesel fuel; one ounce per ten gallons of diesel/bio-diesel fuel. Extreme Xtra Diesel Fuel Treatment complies with the federal low sulfur content requirements for diesel engine use, and can be used with trucks, buses, construction equipment, medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles which are powered by diesel engines.

Both Extreme Xtra gasoline and diesel formulas can also be used for marine use, off-road vehicles, and personal sport craft.

 “We welcome our latest retailer partners,” added Samuel K. Burlum, CEO and President of Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc., the parent company that offers Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments. Burlum continued, “We encourage the local community to support their local hardware, auto parts, or family owned retail store. Small businesses are the economic engine of Main Street USA, and they need for the local community to embrace their presence.”

Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments is the proud sponsor of the #22 Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments Northeast Sportsman Modified Race Car and Rookie Driver Roddy Watts. As a result of supporting young racers and their desire to reach for victory lane, fans and supporters of the racing community have begun to adopt Extreme Xtra with open arms.

Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments are manufactured, proudly made in the USA. Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments has been the focus of many positive press write-ups and media publications including, but not limited to, being spotlighted in The Hard Clay, featured on Today in America, and on Cablevision’s Neighborhood Journal. Further details about Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments can be found at