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Fleet Worx Leasing LLC provide financing, leasing for the following products:

  • SMART Emissions Reducer 

Fleet Worx Leasing LLC monthly payment schedules for the SMART Emissions Reducer, based on ROI.

SMART Emissions Reducer Model #

Term of Payments  (total months)

Monthly Payment to Fleet Worx Leasing
MR-100 (small equipment) 9 Months $57.34
R-200 (gas cars/trucks) 9 Months $87.34
P-300 (light duty diesel fleet vehicles) 12 Months $104.87
G-400 (medium diesel fleet vehicles) 18 Months $118.17
B-500 (heavy duty diesel fleet vehicles) 18 Months $126.50





Please refer to the Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. Representative to assist you in applying for Fleet Worx Leasing LLC Leasing Options. 

Product Model Term of Payment Monthly Payments to Fleet Worx Leasing