"People of Distinction Honors Extreme's CEO"

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  • Samuel K. Burlum honored for his contrinutions to community, public policy, and to Veterans
  • POD led by Al Cole, author, radio show host, and public speaker

Updated October 28, 2014

New York City, New York

The People of Distinction Humanitarian Foundation named Samuel K. Burlum, as one of this year's Unsung Hero, honored at its People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards Ceremony, recently held on Tuesday, October 28, 2014, at the City University of New York Graduate Center, mid-town Manhattan. Burlum joined an impressive cast of other Honorees, including Actor Jonathon Schaech, US Marine Chief Warrant Officer Nick D'Andrea, and others who have made significant contributions to their community, donating their time, efforts, and resources to a number of important causes.

People of Distinction Humanitarian Foundation is led by author, talk radio host, musician, and public Speaker, Al Cole. Cole is a 10 year veteran CBS Radio broadcaster, and wrote the book, "The Spirit of Romance," and "Al Cole's Romance for Women." In addition, Al Cole continues to host his "radio broadcast, People of Distinction", on a number of networks, as it can be downloaded from iTunes, and the net.

"Samuel is an incredible human being. He understands how important it is to uplift the human family, and has done so with the founding of Extreme Energy Solutions," Cole offered, "He and his company are doing remarkable things to be of benefit to society."

"Besides helping preserve the environment, Burlum has taken steps to help displaced and homeless Veterans. From assisting and supporting local 5k runs to helping and supporting Veteran causes, Burlum has a great appreciation for what it takes to be an Unsung Hero. He has proven he is a Person of Distinction, and we are proud to add him to this year's roster of Honorees," Cole added.

Burlum was nominated by Vera Anne Matty, a 2013 Unsung Hero, for her former work with the New York Unemployment Project. Matty currently is an artist and writer, and is on the Board of Directors for United Nations ESCO. "We need more Samuel K. Burlum's in the world. professed Ms. Matty, "he is a wonderful young man who leads a company that is improving the life of many through the deployment of technology that helps address societal concerns."

Samuel K. Burlum, is the CEO and President of Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc., located in Ogdensburg, New Jersey, a company that performs research and development of green technology, markets and services innovation to the auto industry, transportation industry, and in the aftermarket. Burlum created and instituted many policies aimed to foster Extreme as a positive influence in its community. 

Under Burlum's leadership, the company vowed in 2011, that it would assure the majority of its products were "Made in the USA," contributing to much needed job creation. The policy requires the company to provide preference to suppliers and vendors that utilize local supply chains when sourcing raw goods on behalf of Extreme. The policy also created a policy requiring the company to institute a percentage of new hires to include of Veterans. Today the majority of Extreme's staff include individuals who served in the Military.

Burlum introduced a cause marketing platform to the company. The company has contributed to and supported a myriad of events and causes including to the Oburg 5K Run, "Salute to our Vets," Spirit of the Arts Foundation, Save a Warrior, Wounded Warrior Project, "Summer Vet's Fest" that benefited Operation Chill Out, and more. Burlum has also contributed to student events and activities associated with schools of thought. Burlum and Extreme have lent their knowledge and insight to a multitude of areas including entrepreneurship, business management, technical advisement for academic related activities.

Professor Dr. Lovely Thornton, of Towson University had Burlum speak to her students on "Diversity in Business-how to create an atmosphere of inclusiveness. "His global exposure and position as President of Extreme Energy Solutions served as a great frame of reference as he shared his vision and path to success." 

Burlum and his team provided sponsorship and technical advisement to the Clarkson University Clean Snowmobile Team; a group of tech students who each year look to improve their impact on the environment in real world competition. The team used the Smart Emissions Reducer in 2013 on their sled, leading to the team winning first place in the fuel economy challenge, part of the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge. Later that year, Extreme teamed up with KAUST in Saudi Arabia, advising KAUST on how to best combat harmful vehicle emissions in the Middle East. 

Burlum served on a number of organizations including ISBOG of Northern Jersey, and Spirit of the Arts Foundation (SOTA) as an Officer and Board Member. SOTA, led by Sandy Mitchell, commented on his performance, "This man does not know the meaning of quit," Mitchell shared at a company meeting in 2012, "we really appreciate his (Samuel's) contribution. He was a real asset to SOTA."

Beverly White, CEO/President of the consulting firm BKW Transformations Group, a company that provides strategic planning and business advisement, shared the stage with Burlum at The Council's 2012 Sustainability Summit, in New York City. "Samuel is a very creative and innovative guy. He looks for solutions to problems where everyone wins at the end of the day," white provided, "He is one of the few CEO's that understand and appreciate the importance of Main Street. His company has extended their expertise to the global village to the likes of the Middle East and China, where they are still coming to terms in tackling environmental issues. 

Other people have offered up a vote of confidence in Burlum, including the automobile industry legend former Chrysler Chairman, Mr. Lee Iacocca, who in a letter to Burlum, cited, "your (Burlum) resume is impressive."

New York Assemblyman Clifford Crouch also recognized Burlum in saying, "You (Burlum) are paving the way to create a greener environment, along with supply our state with needed jobs. I commend you for your efforts and offer my endorsement of your initiatives here in New York."

Samuel K. Burlum has been to the podium in the past. He was honored by the World Green Energy Symposium, with the 2013 NOVA Award, by Professor Robert Gallagher, Executive Chair of the WGES. "Extreme Energy Solutions was chosen for the honor on its potential impact on reducing emissions from existing gasoline and diesel engines that currently comprise the majority of vehicles on the road today. Their flagship product, the Smart Emissions Reducer, is found to be a cost effective retrofit that provides an immediate solution for today's environmentally conscious consumers. The innovation is a here and now solutions," commented the Professor. 

The CEO and Company were also awarded by the Passaic Valley FOP 181, naming Extreme as Passaic Valley's "2013 Company of the Year in the area of Professional Environmentally Friendly Energy Products"

Burlum is a graduate of Berkeley College with a Degree in Business Management, and lends his expertise as a Consultant to other small to medium businesses who need advisement in a number of executive and management areas. He has also contributed to public policy measures and advocates on behalf of small business as a member of the National Small Business Association Leadership Council. He has been featured on many television and radio programs including Today in America, hosted and narrated by NFL Legend Terry Bradshaw, airing on the Discovery Channel. 

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