Official Test Results-


Includes third party testing, trial program results, and certifications

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 Test Results, Letters, and Reports

Third Party Testing:

Clarkson University SAE Clean Snowmobile Team 2013 Lab/Field Test Results

Roush Industries Third Party Results and Report 2012           

CanTest Third Party Results

NOVA Laboratories Third Party Testing                                  

CARB Testing Results-CARB EO #D-671

New York City Taxi and Limo Commissions Authorization

NSF Extreme Kleaner Certificate                                            

NSF Extreme Kleaner Listing Letter


Field Test Results: Government-(SMART Emissions Reducer Trial Program Results):

County of Winnebago Highway Department (IL)                 

County of Winnebago Highway Department Summary (IL)

Philadelphia Parking Authority (PA)                                       

Andover Township Results Discussion at Township Meeting (NJ)

Andover Township Results (NJ)

Douglas County Sheriff's Dept. Results (OR)

City of Rockford (IL)

Field Test Results: Commercial-(SMART Emissions Reducer Trial Program Results):

CA Yellow Cab Trial Program Results (CA)

Werner Bus Lines (PA)

Go Green Inc.-Schmidts' (Wash DC)

Utz Quality Foods (PA)