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His Excellency, Minster of Environment, Dr. Taher Shakhshir meets w/Samuel K. Burlum, CEO of Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc., and Kabeer Minhas, of Global Tap -Consultant to Extreme Energy Solutions. The Ministry of Environment is Jordan's equivelant to US EPA.


"Smart Emissions Reducer is Given a Chance to Lower Emissions Increase Gas Mileage in Jordan"

In this Story:

  • NASCO Trials The Smart Emissions Reducer
  • Fannoun Trials the Smart Emissions Reducer
  • Trucks, Buses, and Taxi Cabs are outfitted with the SER in the City of Amman, Jordan

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January 5, 2015  Amman, Jordan

SOURCE: NASCO and FANNOUN partner with Extreme Energy Solutions in giving the Smart Emissions Reducer a trial run in lowering vehicle emissions while looking to increase gas mileage in Jordan.

Two industry leaders in Jordan tests Smart Emissions Reducer Technology offered by Extreme Energy Solutions. NASCO and Fannoun begin field testing of the device on buses and trucks.

It’s the technology which is making an impact on vehicle emissions reduction on the worldwide stage, now gets a chance to demonstrate its ability to lower harmful emissions while increasing fuel mileage in Jordan. Over two dozen vehicles, including buses, trucks, taxi cabs, and personal vehicles are the first to recieve the Smart Emissions Reducer under the hood in the City of Amman. 

Nicola Abu Khader, CEO of the Abu Khader Group, the parent company of NASCO, the region’s largest auto parts supplier, and operator of car dealerships that offer Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Mitsubishi, and Opal vehicles, and are private partners in the local bus transit system, City Municipal Transit; partners in testing the new green technology for reducing emission, offered by an emerging technology company from New Jersey.

Extreme Energy Solutions technical team installed Smart Emissions Reducers on selected NASCO vehicles used for local and regional deliveries. In addition, four City Municipal Transit buses were retrofitted with the new green technology. The trucks and busses will be monitored for up to 90 days, recording emissions output at every 30 day benchmark. NASCO/Abu Khader will monitor the fuel consumption of these vehicles during that same time. At the end of the 90 days, an official report will be made available of the results

"We are looking forward to testing the Smart Emissions Reducer on our trucks and cars Jordan. If the device demonstrates that it works as it has in the past in other places around the world, it will be a very good thing to have in Jordan," added Nicola Abu Khader, CEO of the Abu Khader Group, parent company of NASCO.

"Fuel is one of our biggest costs in our business and we are excited to test this device. As our population continues to grow, pollution continues to increase. So fuel efficiency while being able to reduce our carbon emissions will be huge plus to our business and community. It is critical to prove the cost savings of this device. Helping the environment is always important, and we open to exploring affordable ways to do this," added Abu Khader. 

Yasser Fannoun, General Manager of Fannoun Tires, also has partnered with Extreme Energy Solutions, in testing the Smart Emissions Reducer, in Jordan, to help lower fuel consumption and address the concerns about rising pollution problems in the City of Amman.  Fannoun also operates Fannoun for Trade and Transport, a trucking and logistics company, which is the test bed for proving the Smart Emissions Reducer’s ability to help lower emissions.

“It is important to lower air pollution in Amman,” stated Yasser Fannoun, General Manager of Fannoun Tires and Partner in Fannoun for Trade and Transport, “We are looking forward to the fuel economy benefit. We have over 50 trucks, and use over 200,000 liters per month in fuel to operate our fleet; a 15% savings would translate into $10,000 JD (Jordanian Dinar) (equivalent to $14,100 US Dollars) that could be put to use in other areas of our business.”

“Fuel is a major expense of doing business. We welcome Samuel Burlum and Mike Holler, and Extreme Energy Solutions here to Jordan,” continued Fannoun.

Currently, vehicle owners expect to pay over $0.92 JD for a liter of gas (equals $ 3.48 per gallon in US Dollars) and $0.97 JD for a liter of diesel fuel in Jordan (equals to $3.67 per gallon).

Over ten transport trucks for Fannoun were retrofitted with the Smart Emissions Reducer by Extreme Energy Solutions, and will be monitored over the next 90 days. Extreme Energy Solutions will return to Jordan each month to assist in testing the emissions of each vehicle. In addition to ten over the road transport trucks, four yellow taxi cabs were also retrofitted with the Smart Emissions Reducer device. These vehicles are under the supervision of Fannoun during the test period.

The City of Amman is experiencing immense growth in its population, and with the boom brings the need for people to travel, adding more vehicles to the road. The demand for vehicles in Jordan is at its highest. With more vehicles on the road, brings the concern of increasing pollution from more vehicle traffic.

“We are honored to partner with Abu Khader/NASCO and Fannoun,” added Samuel K. Burlum, CEO and President of Extreme Energy Solutions, “They have been very gracious and provided us and the device a very warm welcome.”

“We look forward to a long term relationship. Meeting with Officials of the Jordanian Government, we have discovered they are very serious about meeting environmental initiatives in preserving the air quality of Jordan, while lessening their need for energy,” Burlum continued.

Extreme Energy Solutions met with His Excellency, Minster of Environment, Dr. Taher Shakhshir; Her Excellency, Lina Shbeeb, Minster of Transportation; and Husam Mamdoh Abd Al-Nejdawi, Executive Director of Fleet for the Greater Amman Municipality; all who expressed their interest in the Smart Emissions Reducer, and expressed the importance of fuel savings and in reducing pollution in Jordan.

There is much potential and need for this technology in Jordan. Jordan is a member of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, a network of the world’s megacities committed to addressing climate change.  The majority of Jordan’s gasoline and diesel is imported from outside the country. Saving money on fuel is not only a matter of interest in the commercial market, but of interest by public entities.

The Smart Emissions Reducer was recently tested by the Changzhou Keshi Group, a manufacturer of specialty mining equipment in China, whereas it was discovered Smart Emissions Reducer provides up to a 5% fuel economy savings while tested on 5.9 liter engines produced by Cummings; while lessening the impact of emissions by 65%.

The Extreme Energy Solutions Team was led by Samuel Burlum, CEO and President of Extreme Energy Solutions and recognized Fuel Economy Expert Michael Holler, who spent the week in Jordan to launch the partnered testing program. Extreme Energy Solutions is headquartered in Ogdensburg, New Jersey, and is the provider of other technology that delivers on having a positive impact on the environment, in addition to Smart Emissions Reducer.

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Pictured (from top left in order to right): 1. Fuel Economy Expert Mike Holler instructs and assists Fannoun's Technican, Mr. Zeppe on the proper way to Install a Smart Emissions Reducer on a Mercedes Actros diesel powered engine. 2. Smart Emissions Reducer installed in Actros Big Rig diesel powered engine. 3. Mr. Zeppe, a mechanic for Fannoun, prepares the Smart Emissions Reducer for installion on a big rig truck. 4. Trucks line up at Fannoun Tire to be retrofitted with the Smart Emissions Reducer. 5. One of four Yellow Taxi Cabs that await installtion of the Smart Emissions Reducer in Amman, Jordan. 6. Another Yellow Taxi Cab, this time a Nissan, is outfitted with a Smart Emissions Reducer device. 7. Mike Holler inspects a Smart Emissions Reducer installation and explains its functionality to NASCO's Engineer Mr. Mohammed Abdo, head of Business Development and Marketing Manager for Spare Parts Division. Joining them is Kabeer Minhas, Consultant to Extreme Energy Solutions. 8. Another NASCO Box Truck waits in line for its Smart Emissions Reducer installation to be performed. 9. Jordan City Buses begin to get prepped for Smart Emissions Reducer units, as before installation emissions testing is conducted to baseline the vehicles.