The Extreme Energy Solutions Story-

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Samuel K. Burlum, Motorsports, HAFC, HHO, Hydrogen, Hydro Assist Fuel Cell, Installer, Tuning

Extreme Energy Solutions was originally founded in 2008 by Samuel K. Burlum and Mark Ringen as a third party consulting business that focused on research and testing, product development, and technical services, focused on alternative fuel delivery systems for the automotive aftermarket industry. By August 2008, the Company quickly emerged as an authority within the market segment and had signed a number of product manufacturers as their clients, in testing and improving clients current technology. By the end of 2008, the two founders realized that there were flaws in the current business-industry model of "green technology" companies whom offered these alternative products, and decided to begin to approach the market on their own when other companies would not adjust their model to effectively handle customer service concerns. The Company was caught in the middle of a controversy with one of their clients, whom's contract was already terminated due to a difference in how to service their clients and products.  

Extreme Energy Solutions was able to recover by September of 2009 and had begun to commercialize its own product, Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments, a liquid formula that aimed to improve combustion of gasoline and diesel fuel while addressing the issues and negative effects of the ethanol that has now become standard in fuel blends. Extreme Energy Solutions had partnered with a few new clients in testing and improving another emissions reduction/fuel efficiency device; making a soft launch of the Technology in the Northeast in 2010. Following a business model that allowed for commercial and municipal vehicle fleet owner/operators, to conduct their own discovery about such types of technologies, Extreme Energy Solutions was able to successfully seek approval of the technology for use, now known as the Smart Emissions Reducer, by the New York City Taxi and Limo Commission, which approved the device to be utilized on vehicles under their rule-making.

Made in the USA

Smart Emissions Reducer Installation

Extreme Energy Solutions re-established as an LLC to include additional Founders Jay Wolff and Philip Castleberg, whom invested financial resources behind commercializing the Smart Emissions Reducer device. The Company quickly expanded its reach of the technology by offering 90 Day Risk Free Trial Programs; whereas commercial and municipal fleet owner-operators could try a number of the devices for a 90 day term. Fleets would report their fuel efficiency while Extreme would monitor emissions reduction trends. At the 90 day benchmark, results were evaluated together by the fleet and Extreme Representatives. If the results were favorable, the fleet would have the choice to purchase the Smart Emissions Reducer devices that were lent out for the 90 day study, and they had an option to purchase additional units at a pre-determined commercial or government discount rate. In the event the fleet still felt unconvinced that of the device's worthiness, or if they did not experience any positive results, the units would be returned to Extreme with no risk or cost to the fleet. This program was such a success that companies and municipal governments coast to coast found themselves participating by 2012. 

Late in 2010, Extreme Energy Solutions LLC was introduced to Eco-Green Inc., a company which had concept an ideal product that was suppose to become a non-toxic paint remover. In testing the product for Eco-Green, it was discovered that the product had an unusual property to do something else. The two companies realized that it would be to each other's benefit to merge the entities, which would save both companies operating cost, and make available more research resources in marketing current product lines and help expedite current projects under development. Eco-Green's product, was refined and re-branded after the merger as we know it today as Extreme Kleaner, a non-toxic, biodegradable multi-purpose cleaner-degreaser. The merger took place at the end of 2010, with a formal election of a new seven member Board of Directors, appointment of leadership, and goals to bring to market all three current product lines: Smart Emissions Reducer, Extreme Kleaner, and Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments. 

Throughout 2011, the Company would experience the growing pains of a small regional company trying to compete on a national stage against well established brands. There were two difference Company cultures within the ranks of leadership within Extreme Energy Solutions due to the merger. One approach was very old school, whereas to minimize the Company's presence on Main Street, hype up of the company and sell it off for as much value to a competitor. The second approach was to redefine the Company's vision and purpose, and grow the Company organically, leveraging all of the original founder's knowledge capital and relationships from the automotive performance industry to bring all of the products to market. The end result was the founders of Eco-green ownership interest were purchased out, and the surviving entity became Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc., a Nevada Corporation.

Armed with capital, proven products, and successful conclusion of 90 Day Trial Programs, the Company began to step-up its efforts in branding, marketing, and sales of its product lines. Extreme Energy Solutions began to hire staff and build its team in the areas of business development, technical services, and manufacturing. Due to the benefits which the products delivered, many fans quickly wanted to be a part of what they saw would become something bigger, a Company that had the potential of a national player in the green technology and product space. Investors came out of the woodwork to provide capital to expand the company's operations. By the end of 2011, formal elections were held by the Shareholders to elect their leadership of whom would carry on the vision and purpose of the Company. Samuel K. Burlum was elected as CEO/President and Chairman of the Company, and continues to lead the Company today. 

Under his leadership, the Company has adopted a number of key policies and initiatives that have made Extreme Energy Solutions very popular to investors and clients, and to the public. The Company adopted a "Made in USA" policy whereas the majority of the Company's products must be manufactured in the United States, including the sourcing of its raw materials. The Company included that its vendor supply chain would also have to abide by the same policy when sourcing materials on behalf of Extreme Energy Solutions. The Company adopted a Veteran hiring initiative where it would be policy that over 50% of its current and future staff would have to formally served in the military. Another policy Samuel Burlum and the Board of Directors implemented was the Board of Directors, nor Samuel K Burlum, would take any wages or salaries for themselves until Extreme Energy Solutions was sustainable and profitable, thus providing livable wages for its staff and a return on investment for its shareholders, before executives could issue themselves large salaries and/or bonuses.

The Company adopted a cause marketing policy whereas a portion of all sales proceeds would be allocated for the use of re-investing back into the community and non-profit causes that aligned with the Company's core values. Another commitment made by the company, was that a technical product is not to be sold to a client unless it is accompanied with technical support, thus increasing customer service in the green tech sector over its competition. The Company would also invest time and resources toward the future, in lending its expertise to student organizations, programs, schools of thought, and working groups that encouraged STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and math); and would contribute in helping students access to green technology innovation. Extreme has assisted student groups from New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT); Towson University, Clarkson University, Sussex County Community College, and other student groups in business and tech classes. 

In 2012, the Company once again elevated its efforts in a hard launch of all of its product lines. Extreme Kleaner became publicly available online via Amazon, Keep America, and Liberty Environmental Management. The product soon became available via independent retailers in selected regional markets. The Smart Emissions Reducer was quickly being adopted by commercial and municipal vehicle fleets. 2013 brought its first international deals to the table as Extreme Partnered with schools of thought whom matched the Company's technology with clients whom were addressing air quality issues as a result of vehicle pollution in the Middle East. The Company also partnered with Clarkson University, in testing the Smart Emissions Reducer in real time competition under its SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Technical Team, with positive results. Extreme began testing the Smart Emissions Reducer with vehicle manufactures in China, and with well respected independent laboratories within the automotive industry circle. The results proved the technology's positive impact on emissions reduction while providing the side benefit of fuel efficiency and engine performance.

Extreme Energy Solutions has also advocated to Congress and to State Legislators a change in policy intended to even the playing field between fortune 500 companies and small businesses that devote resources toward research and development of technologies that aim to conserve energy and reduce harmful toxic exhaust emissions. This tax credit usually reserved for only large companies, for the first time was now available for small businesses allowing for a company to capitalize on their losses and expenditures associated with Research and Development costs. This tax credit was adjusted to include this new language and allowances approved to the end of December 31, 2014. Extreme also pitched Congress on a performance based tax credit, that would be technology neutral, creating an incentive for a new wave of green technology adoption to be accelerated by the automobile industry, for products an technology that achieve benchmarks over the current GHG and CAFE standards. This pitch was addressed to the Ways and Means Committee as one of the Working Groups of Overall Tax Code Reform. This effort is still ongoing. Similar policies have been recommended by the company to the State of Oregon and Washington.

Today, Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc. has launched its products and services internationally, with sales on the books in Canada, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, China, in addition to its continued successes domestically, and representation to markets in Oman, Australia, Italy, and India. Extreme Energy Solutions' Smart Emissions Reducer has transitioned from just an aftermarket add on device and is under consideration by engine and vehicle manufactures to potentially adopt the technology as "factory installed" technology in helping the automotive industry reach goals set forth under Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and Commercial Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) in meeting regulatory benchmarks. Extreme Kleaner can be found on shelves of selected retailers coast to coast including selected True Value and Ace Hardware Stores, Menards, United Hardware, Hardware Hank, NAPA, Orgill affliated stores, Woodman's Markets, and is available through grocery store/super market retailers within the C&S Distributors Network. Other products and services Extreme currently offers include Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments, H2O Energy Flow Bottled Water, equipment leasing options under Fleet Worx Leasing (Extreme is the parent), and other technical-research and product development services related to green technology. 

Extreme Energy Solutions aims to create a platform in which technology and products with the purpose of uplifting humanity, preserving the environment, and achieving sustainable and healthy lifestyles are commercialized, providing inventors an alternative to market their ideas and concepts utilizing a procedural formula that properly vets their product/technology/device before it is introduced to market. As a result of its practices,products, and technology, Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc. has been named 2013, 2015, and 2016 Company of the Year in the area of Environmentally Friendly Energy Products, by Passaic Valley FOP 181; and has been honored with the 2013 NOVA Award from the World Green Energy Symposium. in 2014, Extreme Energy Solutions CEO, Samuel K. Burlum, was honored with the People of Distinction Humanitarian Foundation Unsung Hero Award for his and Extreme's contributions mentioned herein. The Company and its products have been featured on a number of radio and television programs, including Today in America, hosted and narrated Terry Bradshaw, which was aired on the Discovery Channel. 

Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc. is a privately held company owned by 225+ shareholders, and lead by a Board of Directors whom are elected by the ownership interest. The Company's main office is located at 17 Main Street, Sparta, New Jersey. You can reach the offices during normal business hours at 1800-EES-TEAM or 973-209-3450. It also has additional satellite locations on the West Coast.