"Vehicle Manufacturer Discover's Value in Smart Emissions Reducer"

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October 13, 2014 

Changzhou, Jiangsu, P.R. China-

Mr. Jiang Hanjun, CEO and President of the Changzhou Keshi Group, a specialty equipment vehicle manufacturer that services the mining industry, and his team, visited Ogdensburg, New Jersey in search of a solution to lower emissions and increase fuel efficiency on their explosion proof underground mining vehicles, early November 2013. After meeting with Mr. Samuel K. Burlum, CEO and President of Extreme Energy Solutions (EES) and the rest of the EES Team, Mr. Jiang committed to partnering with Extreme in testing their flagship product, the Smart Emissions Reducer (SER). 

"We are very impressed with the product (Smart Emissions Reducer) and are very interested in cooperating with your company," commented Mr. Jiang. Jiang then offered a formal invitation for Burlum and the EES team to visit the Keshi facility in China, where both companies would partner to test the validity of the Smart Emissions Reducer. 

"If the test results are satisfactory, we would like to discuss long term cooperation matter with your company...including becoming and exclusive distributor for SER for your company in China," offered Mr. Jiang.

Keshi Group began testing the Smart Emissions Reducer December 2013. Testing results concluded that the Smart Emissions Reducer performed as advertised under controlled laboratory conditions. Preliminary test would show the SER could provide up to a 5% fuel economy increase on a brand new 5.9 liter Cummings diesel powered engine, and a significant reduction in emissions, more specifically a reduction of particulate matter (PM) up to a 49% and carbon monoxide (CO) up to 63%.  

Further testing conducted by Keshi, the Smart Emissions Reducer proved to deliver consistent emissions reductions between 20% and 50% in all phases of the engine's operations, while still providing a fuel economy benefit no lower than 2% to 3%, although field test have proven to be higher. 

The Smart Emissions Reducer testing data was reviewed by Dr. Carley Corrado, Department of Physics at the University of California, Santa Cruz, who provided commentary on the Statistical Margin of Error within the test report, evaluating the reduction of emissions and improved fuel efficiency by addition of the Smart Emissions Reducer onto a new Cummings diesel engine. 

"The total emissions averaged over 6 modes tested in the categories of CO, K/M, and N% were decreased by 22%, 25%, and 18% respectively," added Dr. Corrado, "There was a decrease in Brake Specific Fuel Consumption, (BSFC) of 2.3% which is equivalent to the corresponding improvement of fuel efficiency."

"Conservative projections of the fuel economy savings resulting from addition of the SER estimates an ROI of 1.2 years and a total fuel savings of 10,000 liters (2641 gallons) of fuel over the expected lifespan of the SER," continued Corrado.

Mr. Jiang and Keshi offered to enter into the next phase of the Extreme Energy Solutions Smart Emissions Reducer program. "We will agree to purchase a small rolling production of the SER devices and have them installed in the field. If we find similar results as the lab, we will want to deploy the technology throughout China," stated Jiang at a recent meeting held at his facility in Changzhou.  

"I am honored to have partnered with Keshi, and that Keshi and Extreme are working together to try to solve some of China's pollution problems that are a result of harmful vehicle emissions," Burlum contributed, "This partnership is good for China and it is good for America. Keshi is proving it is helping China to address some of their national air quality concerns, while further validating the SER technology. A long term agreement with Keshi would mean that our company is providing a valuable export to China, thus we would need to increase domestic jobs to meet their demand."

The Smart Emissions Reducer (then the Intercharger) was first introduced in 2010 into the taxi and livery vehicle fleet market, by Extreme Energy Solutions, and made permissible for use by the New York City Taxi and Limo Commission. It was later tested by Roush Industries on gasoline powered vehicles. Test in their lab demonstrated the SER could deliver up to a 7.5% increase in fuel efficiency and up to 65% in emissions reduction. 

Test Reports and evaluations available upon request.

Mr. Jiang and Samuel K. Burlum    R&D Department Staff      Specialty Vehicle    Group Photo

Captions: (from left to right) 1. Mr. Jiang, CEO and President of KESHI Group seen here with Samuel K. Burlum, CEO and President of Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc. at the EES Ogdensburg, New Jersey facility. 2. Keshi R&D Department staff seen here setting up the new Cummings engine on the dynamometer in preparation to test the Smart Emissions Reducer. 3. New Keshi specialty vehicle awaits to be delivered to a mine in Inner Mongolia only to be later retrofitted with a Smart Emissions Reducer. 4. Francis Okelo, Board Secretary, Samuel K. Burlum CEO and President of Extreme Energy Solutions chat with Mr. Jiang at the Changzhou Keshi location about the future Smart Emissions Reducer testing program.