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About Extreme Energy Solutions

From our humble start in a two-car garage to our current international presence, Extreme Energy Solutions did something that is exceedingly rare. We kept true to our beliefs and expanded our business on Main Street. By working with like-minded individuals that hold the same old-fashioned values and morals, Extreme continues to build value both domestically and abroad. 

Today, Extreme has spread its positive influence to include strategic partnerships around the world with other entities who value the preservation of the environment and the deployment of technological solutions; who strive to be leaders in their respective industries. To learn more about Extreme Energy Solutions, reach out to our team.

Our Mission

To provide environmental and economic sustainability through innovation that redefines incremental savings. We believe that the time has come for our human family to experience a more prosperous lifestyle and that the innovation is available to make that happen today. We are driven to set new standards in which the world does business that create value that enhances local communities. Our products and services are there to be of benefit to society, lessening the impact on the environment for generations to come, while also providing a reasonable return on investment. People, Planet, Profit can co-exist without compromising the integrity of any party. 


Our Vision

Our vision is to see a SMART Emissions Reducer on every internal combustion engine in the world. With all of the on- and off-road vehicles, rail, and specialty equipment that utilizes the internal combustion engine as their power plant, we aim to reduce harmful emissions while lessening our dependence on fossil fuels. We also strive to help put people back to work in both the OEM and aftermarket segments. When people have jobs they can be proud of, local communities can begin to regain their strength. Our Extreme Kleaner, H2O Energy Flow, and Extreme Xtra products can also provide for economic opportunity with our strategic distributor model.