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Community Investment

At Extreme Energy Solutions, we care about the community and the people in it, which is why we offer extend the olive branch to causes that align with our core values. We are honored to support causes and events where proceeds go directly to the individuals in need of the specific project.

Each year, we get thousands of requests asking for help. Though we would love to assist everyone, it is just not that simple. Each year, we select three or four projects, causes, and/or events to support. If you wish to pitch your project to us, you will need to submit a project plan and executive summary no later than December 21, for consideration in the following fiscal year.

The World Green Energy Symposium

The World Green Energy Symposium is a forum established to bring together industry experts, innovators, government leaders, and educators. The symposium is set up to discuss ideas and share solutions to help provide answers in solving public policy concerns. The areas of discussion typically include environment, energy production-consumption, green tech innovation, green tech investment/finance, green energy support, and policy that applies to both environmental and economic sustainability. You can find out more about their future events by visiting their site.

Project Help

Project Help is a 501c3 non-profit organization located in Northern New Jersey that supports displaced and homeless Veterans and their families. Partnered with other similar organizations, Project Help is aimed at providing assistance to these groups that have sacrificed their lives in protecting our freedoms and liberties. Visit their website to learn more about what this organization has to offer.