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Extreme Energy Solutions' Testimonials

"2013 WGES Nova Award Winner"

"Extreme Energy Solutions was chosen for the honor of the 2013 WGES NOVA Award on its potential impact on reducing emissions from existing gasoline and diesel engines that currently comprise the majority of vehicles on the road today. Their Flagship product, the SMART Emissions Reducer, is found to be a cost effective retrofit that provides an immediate solution for today's environmentally conscious consumers that are looking to reduce these harmful emissions while benefiting from better fuel economy. The innovation is a here and now solution. Past recipients of the Nova Award have included DOW, Drexel University, and the City of Philadelphia for its GreenWorks Program."
- Professor Robert Gallagher, World Green Energy Symposium, Executive Council Chair

"Setting the bar..."

"I wanted to personally thank you (Extreme Energy Solutions) for your attendance, presentation and active participation at the Innovation Arena and during the overall Sustainability Summit 2012. I truly appreciate your time and efforts. The impact of any group of presentations is only as high as the quality of its presenters. To state the obvious, your presentation set the bar very high for the future."
- Edward Harrington, Certification Compliance Specialist, NY NJ Minority Supply Development Council

"Results are very positive..."

"Published results from around the country indicate years of very positive economic, as well as environmental impact, using the SMART Emissions Reducer. The expected results for us are very important in light of higher gas prices, tighter budgets, and our desire to become more 'green' in our operations. Similar results here in Winnebago County are very positive."
- Dan Davis, Operations Manager, Winnebago County Highway Department, Illinois

"3 to 4 more mpg..."

"...I'm getting 3 to 4 more miles per gallon with the SMART Emissions Reducer and didn't have to worry about emissions at the inspection station anymore because of the very low emissions with the SMART Emissions Reducer. In fact...the inspector checked to make sure my truck was running because he told me for an old truck it was very low emissions. I was happy to get that passing sticker after that...my truck has more pep when I press on the accelerator and runs a lot better than it ever did..."
- Tony DeNicola, CE, Clear Channel Tri-State, Franklin, NJ