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Our Partners Around the Globe


Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. has developed extensive partnerships around the globe to further share the Innovation that moves you to more markets, more communities, more people that can benefit from the SMART Emissions Reducer and Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc Consumer Goods. 

Our Strategic partners

Extreme Energy Solutions Technologies and Products are available in selected markets around the globe through our strategic market distribution partners partners. 


NASCO offers the SMART Emissions Reducer in Jordan, and other countries throughout the Middle East Region.

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Extreme Kleaner MX provides Extreme Kleaner Distribution in Mexico and other parts of Latin America

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Extreme Energy Solutions of India Private Limited Company is our Subsidary in India that handles local sales in India for SMART Emissions Reducer. Get your FREE quote today. 

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Interested in working with us? Does your business qualify as a distributor partner?  Contact us today for more information how to become a distributor.