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Equipment Leasing options by Fleet Worx Leasing LLC., provides a pathway to ownership of SMART Emissions Reducer Technology for Fleet Clients without the complete upfront equipment investment. Lease payments are structured over time.

Terms can extend within as little as three months and extend as far as 18 months, depending on the following factors: 1). volume/order size of SMART Emissions Reducer units; 2). Completed Fleet Comp. Analysis; 3). Credit Worthiness of Business (Municipality); 4). Initial Down Payment; 5). Location of Fleet Client; 6). Completed Application; and 7). Final Approval. 

Monthly lease payments are structured based on estimated fuel-engine efficiency saving; based on a FREE Fleet Comp. Analysis, previous third party testing, and actual fuel usage by the fleet client. 

Additional Terms and Conditions may apply. For more details, please contact our team for more information. 

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